Silent Alert Paging System

PIR movement monitor

This compact mains powered wireless Movement Monitor is simple to fit and easy to install. Incorporating an infrared sensor, the monitor will signal the Pager or portable SignWave receiver whenever a person passes through the sensor's field of view.

Ideal for use when caring for someone who may wander or young child, the Monitor can be angled to cover a specific room or staircase, allowing free passage to other rooms without activating the Pager or SignWave receiver.

The Monitor can also be located low down at a bedside to act as a bed leaving alarm, where a pressure pad would not be appropriate.

Item dimensions 20.7 x 9.6 x 6.5 (cm)
Item weight 205(g)


  • Simple to use
  • Wireless Range up to 1000m in open air
  • Low battery monitoring
  • Discreet design
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