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Deaf Users

To alert users to everyday sounds
and events around the home

The system includes a discreet, fully portable Pager unit worn by the user or a SignWave Portable Sounder Flasher. Transmitter units send radio signals to alert the user of a number of events around the home.


Fire Safety

For deaf and hard of hearing users
in the workplace

The Silent Alert Fire Safe System offers service providers a simple and cost effective solution to the problem of providing fire alarm cover for people who are deaf within public buildings
and workplaces.



To care for their loved ones in a
familiar environment

Care Call is a discreet wireless alerting
system for Carers.
It offers a rapid and preventative approach to the remote monitoring of dependents at home, in a neighbouring home, or in a care facility.

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Silent alert paging systems for deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing people. The key to independent living. The system includes a deaf accessible doorbell, deaf accessible smoke alarm, telephone monitor, carbon monoxide detector, baby alarm and many more.

Care Call stand alone telecare for carers. Preventative monitoring for home care. Monitor a loved one in the familiar surroundings of home. Fall alarm, bed leaving alarm, chair leaving alarm, movement monitor, PIR sensor, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm and more. Subscription free care pager system.

Fire Safe deaf fire alarm interface. Providing Fire alarm cover for Deaf people in public buildings.

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